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I solve problems through the combination of design and hand-process


My name is Andie Kelly and I'm originally from Woodinville, Washington. My mom went to graphic design school in Seattle when she was younger, so she always fostered my creative side from an early age. Because of this I grew up drawing and painting a lot, and since then I've always wanted to go into a creative field. 
  I then decided to go to Boise State University for their graphic design program. On a whim, I took a printmaking class as an elective, and absolutely fell in love with the hand process of relief and screen printing. After just one class I added a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking as my second major. 
   My absolute favorite is being able to blend and combine both processes for whatever project I can. I'm drawn to the hand–process, but I also love the use of digital illustrations and typography.



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